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Enterprise Engineering

ADVANCED ACOUSTIC CONCEPTS LLC delivers affordable accelerated Open Architecture (OA) solutions through “Enterprise Engineering.” This approach focuses on market “communities of interest” (COI) commonality based on progressive “best of breed” capabilities and technologies.  Enterprise engineering spans across advanced development, engineering development, full scale development, production manufacturing, and in-service support.

AAC executes its enterprise engineering activities through geographically distributed, locally led centers of excellence (COEs), each of which is resourced to provide complimentary (vice competing) engineering and programmatic support for AAC's enterprise activities, ensuring that the AAC "whole" is greater than the sum of its parts. COE alignment strives for proficient, unified, cross functional enterprise engineering focus teams aligned with enterprise market Major Programs, Products & Services.

Each COE will, at times, be both the designated lead on a particular "Major Program," and the provider of common "Best of Breed" products/services to that engineering activity. In this way, the COEs provide, maintain, and cultivate the engineering resources required to plan and develop our "Best of Breed" products and services, and to execute assigned keep/capture Major Programs, in accordance with corporate enterprise market and engineering objectives. These integrated top-down (planning) and bottom-up (execution) activities are continually evaluated as part of AAC's metric-driven, results-oriented Planning, Performance, and Evaluation Continuum.




  Building strength through core enterprise positions and ensuring growth through innovation and adjacent market opportunities